Neer Bikram Shah Bio, Movies, Awards and more

Neer Bikram Shah is one of the most famous veteran actors in the Nepali film industry. He is not just an actor though, in his life he has accomplished a lot in the field of music, directing, poetry, producing, and business as well.

As mentioned on his Wikipedia page, Shah comes from a line of the royal family of Nepal. He has been working in the Nepali film industry for many years now. People may know him from his debut in the year 1981. It is an honour for many Nepali movie fanatics that he is still working actively on many projects to this date.

Though many years have passed since he started playing in Nepali movies and other projects, there still hasn’t been anyone who is good enough or even equivalent to Neer Bikram. This is also a reason why he is an irreplaceable part of the industry.

Neer Bikram Shah Bio

Neer Bikram Shah is very famous for his work. And, he has diversified his skills and capabilities not just in the film industry but also in politics and service. When you think of a multifaceted talent in the industry, you will definitely think of Neer Bikram.

Besides this, Shah grew up with two of his brothers. One of his brothers, Kumar Khadga Bikram Shah was married to former King Gyanendra’s sister Princess Sharada Shah. The couple passed away in the royal massacre in 2001. Likewise, his other brother is Lalit Bikram Shah.

In the same way, Shah is also affiliated with Nepali Congress. Another popular fact about the actor is that he was the first head and founder of Nepal Television (NTV). Additionally, he is the chairman of Shangri-La TV (STV). Along with this, he is also the chairman of a Microwave and Television distributing company and film production firm. Here is the IMDb profile of Neer Bikram Shah.

Neer Bikram Shah Movies

Neer Bikram Shah has been cast in many movies to this date. He is a very versatile actor. Hence, he has never limited himself to a certain type of role or a genre of movie. You may have seen him play the role of an antagonist, a father to a completely different character in different movies.

Some of his most remarkable performances can be seen in movies like Kusume Rumal, Prem Pinda, Sano Sansar, Nata Ragat Ko, Balidaan, Dhuk Dhuki, Badal Paree, Siudo ko Sindoor, Jeevan Saathi, Gauthali, Muna Madan, Kismat, Chha Yekan Cha, Woda Number 6 and Chakka Panja(Part 3 and 4).

Moreover, you can also watch him play some prominent roles in movies in both Newari and Hindi languages. As a co-producer, Neer has helped make one of the most authentic Nepali projects released in Canada as “Caravan”.

Neer Bikram Shah Awards and Achievements

Shah won Chinnalata Geet Puraskar in 2011.

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