Noah Donohoe Wikipedia, Father- What Happened To Him?

Noah Donohoe Wikipedia: Noah Donohoe’s dead body was recovered 6 days after his disappearance on 21 June 2020. But still, after two years, his family hasn’t gotten Justice.

Noah was a 14-year-old boy from Belfast who was studying at St Malachy’s College.

One evening he left his house to meet his friends and work on some school projects. But, CCTV footage shows that he vanished halfway.

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The 14-year-old Boy Noah Donohoe went missing on 21 June 2020. His parents with the help of Police officials organized a  search party.

Six days, later, Noah’s dead body was found in a storm drain. A Post-mortem examination was done which revealed that he died of drowning.

A proper Investigation was promised to the Family but according to Noah’s mother, Fiona, they (Police) are not Investigating properly. And, They never displayed any evidence as well.

The family has been asking for a second Investigation into the case but their call hasn’t been heard yet.

So, She has announced organizing a Protest and gathering at Belfast City Hall. And supporters from across the Globe have decided to Join the protest.

Fiona released a statement saying “Tomorrow is a gathering of Noah’s Army from all across the globe. Each and every one of you is making a difference and impact.”.

She adds saying “Thank you to everyone who was involved over the past two years, especially Noah’s Army”.

Meet His Father Emmanuel Djakpa

Emmanuel Djakpa never got to meet his son Noah in person. He broke down after he hears about the passing of his 14-years old son.

He met Fiona, Noah’s mother in Boston and had a romantic relationship for a period of time. Later Fiona had to move back to Northern Ireland but Emmanuel stayed there.

In an interview, he said that he and his son would often video call on Skype but never got an opportunity to meet in real.

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