Paris Harvey Wikipedia, Death Video Leaked, Twitter Account

Paris Harvey Wikipedia: The death video of Paris Harvey is getting quite momentum on the internet. Tune in to find out about her death.

This unfortunate event happened while live-streaming on Instagram. Two cousins shot each other by mistake and died while all this was live on Instagram. The internet is flooded with the news of their death as of now.

Paris Harvey Wikipedia

Paris Harvey was a 12-year-old girl who accidentally shot herself and died. She died after shooting her cousin Kuaron Harvey inadvertently who also died. Moreover, all these incidents took place on Instagram live. The police are investigating the case seriously.

The cousins had gathered together to celebrate a birthday party. This incident happened in St. Louis, Missouri. The unfortunate incident has shocked the netizens to the core. Nevertheless, their death has gathered a lot of sympathy on various social media platforms.

Paris Harvey Death Video Leaked

Two cousins Kuaron Harvey and Paris Harvey were live-streaming on Instagram when Paris shot Kuaron by mistake and later on shot herself inadvertently too. Both died soon after. All this was recorded live on Instagram. This unfortunate incident has raised a lot of eyebrows on the internet and has turned out to become a hot topic of the day.

Kuaron Harvey was just 14 years old whereas Paris Harvey was just 12 years old. The case is under investigation. The leaked video shows Paris Harvey reaching for the gun after she inadvertently shot Kuaron, and it seems to have accidentally gone off again killing Paris too. The gun belonged to Kuaron.

Paris Harvey’s grandmother Susan Dyson told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that she saw the two cousins making an Instagram Live video together at an apartment in downtown St. Louis that the family had rented for a birthday celebration.

Likewise, the police have classified the incident as a murder-suicide. However, the family members say that it was a case of a very tragic accident. Paris’ mother, Shinise Harvey, told NBC that she let her daughter go to the apartment for a family birthday party. Harvey said that Kuaron is the son of her brother.

Paris Harvey Twitter Account

There’s no Twitter handle dedicated to either of the cousins. But, the video of their death is leaked on both Reddit as well as Twitter. Moreover, the video shows Paris accidentally shooting Kuaron on his head and later on shoots herself by mistake.

This unfortunate incident has created quite a buzz on the internet. Our sympathies are with the parents and the loved ones of the victims.

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