Payton Gendron Twitch Account Revealed | Buffalo Mass Shooting Live

Payton Gendron live-streamed the Buffalo supermarket mass shooting on his Twitch account. Here is everything you need to know about the horrifying incident.

Payton Gendron is a suspect in a terrifying massacre in New York’s Top Friendly Supermarket. He is accused of killing 10 people and injuring the other 3.

Discover Payton Gendron’s Twitch Account

Payton Gendron, a suspect in the mass shooting streamed the whole massacre on his Twitch account. And New York Governor Kathy Hochul has called out the streaming platform in a public statement.

The Governor pointed out that the social media platforms have been somehow responsible for sickening events taking place. He also said, ” These platforms can in a sense become an accomplice if not legally, but morally.”

Also, a Twitch spokesperson clarified that they do not promote any kinds of violence. They will indefinitely suspend all the Twitch accounts which upload real-world violence videos.

Thus, the real live stream of Payton is also taken down from the streaming platform. We couldn’t find his real account as well.

Nevertheless, there are several videos of the unfortunate events that are shared on Twitter and other media.

Payton Gendron Live Stream of Buffalo Mass Shooting

The official live stream of Payton Gendron of the Buffalo mass shooting is taken down from Twitch. In a public address, a Twitch spokesperson revealed that the live video was deleted just after 2 minutes of shooting.

Alternatively, several short videos are available on Twitter and Reddit.

As per sources, the mass shooting was racially motivated. And the officials have taken Payton under custody. More details are yet to come.

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