Peggy Sue Thomas Wikipedia : Where Is She Now In 2022?

The Case of Peggy Sue Thomas has resurfaced on the Internet and people have been looking over the Wikipedia site. Sadly, there isn’t a mentioned Wikipedia for the case yet.

Peggy Sue Thomas is a former beauty queen who was involved in the 2003 murder of Russel Douglas. She was sentenced to four years in prison for luring Douglas into a perfectly planned murder trap.

Similarly, her ex-lover, James Huden was given 80 years imprisonment for the first-degree murder of Douglas. Several, TV shows including CIRCLE OF DECEPTION were inspired by the 2003 murder.

Peggy Sue Thomas Wikipedia

The former Ms. Washington Peggy Sue Thomas is a well-known figure. She competed in several beauty pageants growing up. But, her career had a permanent end after involved in the 2003 murder of Russel Douglas.

Thomas also worked as an aircraft mechanic in an auto repair shop during the 1990s. She was of incredible beauty in her twenties and thirties. She has also been crowned Ms. Washington in 2000. At that time she was 35 years old.

Moving on, she didn’t have a stable romantic life though. She married three times, and all of her marriages ended in a divorce. However, she had become a Millionaire after the third divorce.

She met her partner James Huden in 2002, a year before the murder. At that time, he was already married to another woman but he chose to keep it a secret from Thomas.

Peggy Sue Thomas And Murder of Russel Douglas

The 2003 murder of Russel Douglas involves Peggy Sue Thomas, her boyfriend, James Huden, and her work colleague Brenna Douglas.

Brenna and Thomas used to work together at Brenna’s Whidbey Island salon. One day, She tells Thomas about her abusive husband Russel. She even tells her that “he is worth more to me dead than alive”.

Together with Thomas’ partner, James, the two girls make a plan of killing Russel.

On December 26, 2003, Police discovered the dead body of Russel in his car with a gunshot wound between his eyes.

After Investigations, they found that James pulled the trigger on him, and both Brenna and Thomas were involved in it.

Where Is Peggy Thomas Now In 2022?

Peggy Sue Thomas was given four years imprisonment in 2013 for her involvement in the murder of Russel Douglas. Her charges were reduced after she agreed to state that she helped in the murder.

Moving on, her partner, James Huden who had actually pulled the trigger was found in 2011. He was given a total of 80 years for the first-degree murder.

After serving four years at the Washington Corrections Center for Women she got released in the year 2016. Her current whereabouts as of 2022 are a complete mystery for all.

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