Pelé, the soccer legend, will spend Christmas in the hospital.

The 82-year-old, Pelé will remain at Sao Paulo’s Albert Einstein Hospital after doctors determined that his cancer had progressed.

Pelé will spend the Christmas holiday in the hospital after tests revealed that his cancer has progressed.

The 82-year-old Brazilian soccer star is getting treatment at Sao Paulo’s Albert Einstein Hospital. According to the Associated Press, the hospital was forced to elevate his care. Due to “kidney and cardiac dysfunctions” related to his colon cancer battle.

Pelé was admitted to a palliative care unit in early December after his disease progressed despite chemotherapy treatment.

Pelé’s daughter announced on Instagram that her family had postponed Christmas at home.

“We decided with the doctors that it would be better for us to stay here with all the care that this new family at Einstein gives us!!,” Kely Nascimento wrote.

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