Penelope Cruz looks absolutely stunning in her daring and edgy dress!

Penelope Cruz is one actress that never disappoints fans. She looks gorgeous as she is in everything that she wears and she wears them with confidence. 

The actress is already 48 years old now. But, she is aging like a fine wine and looks ever more stunning. Younger actresses and models in the industry tend to copy and get their inspiration from her. Hence, it really isn’t all that hard to make out the fact that this woman is something else!

Penelope Cruz in Edgy Photoshoot

Penelope Cruz has stunned the world with her edgy appearance. The Dolce Vita always appeared very classy in a more laid-back and chic style. However, in an edgy photoshoot, the fans got to see what they were least expecting from their favorite star. The actress has an unzipped leather jacket on. And, she is one of those people who makes even a sexy look appear classy.

Her fringes complement her appearance. We bet there aren’t as many celebrities around her age that would go for such a bold move in Hollywood. Besides this, Penelope has mastered the art of looking like a classic beauty. Though the photoshoot’s theme was very edgy, she pulled it off like a total rocker while also making sure that she shows people what self-care means.

And, who does not love a self-care queen?

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