Peter Ikin Wikipedia Biography, Death Cause, Family, Net Worth

The Wikipedia site hasn’t credited Peter Ikin with a dedicated biography. So, here we will be exploring in-depth his career achievements and personal details.

Peter was a former high-ranking Music executive known for his contribution to Warner Music. He recently passed away due to a suspected heart attack. However, his death is believed to be an intentional murder rather than a natural cause.

Peter Ikin Wikipedia Biography

Late Peter Ikin has yet to receive a full biography on Wikipedia.

Peter was popular in the music industry and had links to personalities like Sir Elton John. In addition, he was the former Warner Music Executive with millions worth of properties.

In 2008, Peter died mysteriously in a Paris hotel room. Later a police report was revealed that he had a severe heart attack that killed him. Also, they found lethal doses of painkillers inside his body.

After 11 and half years, the Investigations revealed the involvement of Peter’s ex-partner Alexandre Despallieres in his death.

Peter Ikin Death Cause- Did Alexandre Despallieres Kill Him? 

The Music legend Peter Ikin died mysteriously in a hotel room in 2008. Though the reports stated he died of a natural cause ( heart attack), many including, Peter’s best friends denied to believe it.

At that time, Peter was in an affair with his partner Alexandre Despallieres. As per sources, Peter was Alexandre’s sugar daddy and was 20 years older than him.

After Peter’s death, Alexandre claimed that he was left with Peter’s wealth ($20 million estates) on his will. However, this was later proven to be fake.

Nearly after 11 years and half years, Alexandre was found guilty of the murder of Peter. But since he was of ill health, he never got a chance to be present on the court. Recently, it was found that Alexandre left the world.

Peter Ikin Family Details

Peter Ikin’s family has been keeping a low-key private life. The details of his family are currently under investigation.

What Was Peter Ikin Net Worth?

Peter Ikin had a whopping net worth of $20 million at the time of his death. He managed to accumulate such a massive wealth as a Music Executive.

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