Prakash Subedi Bio, Net Worth, and Career

Prakash Subedi is a famous journalist and television show director in Nepal. Many millennials in the country also recognize him as the Rajatpat uncle. 

Prakash’s famous shows include Rajatpat, Glamour Guff, Bagina, and Risani Maaf. In this article, we will be discussing Subedi, his life, and his shows. Read till the last of the article to know more about Subedi.

Prakash Subedi Bio

Prakash Subedi was born in 2018 B.S. in Bhojpur, Nepal. He later shifted to Jhapa with his family. Subedi comes from a progressive family who always valued education.

He completed his education at Saraswati School in Jhapa. Prakash went to India to pursue higher education in Sanskrit upon his father’s suggestion. After he came back to Nepal, he started his career in Kathmandu and got settled in the capital city itself. Subedi is a married man and is happily married to Paru Subedi.

Paru has been supportive of her husband and his career. As of the present time, Prakash is 60 years old and actively working in the field of film and journalism.

Prakash Subedi Net Worth

Prakash has an estimated net worth of $4-5 Million as of 2022. The journalist has been earning quite impressively from his shows. It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that he will be experiencing an increase in his net worth in the years to come if he remains active in his career.

Prakash Subedi Career

Prakash has been hosting several shows to this date. Some of the most famous shows from the journalist include Rajatpat, Risaani Maaf, Glamour Guff, and Bagina. His ongoing show Rajatpat is one that many people have loved and been critical of all at the same time. The man is very vocal about his opinions on events, celebrities, and politicians.

It is almost obvious that the criticism he gives to people is not as healthy for their sentiments. But then again, journalism requires going above and beyond sometimes. And, Subedi does just that. This might also be a reason why many people still watch and enjoy his talk show. In the same way, even the critics have been increasing their views of the show. Needless to say, Prakash is good at keeping his audience on a high.

Likewise, he is also a director of a famous comedy serial from the past “Harkey Haldar“. The show really showered laughter in many households in Nepal back in the mid-2000s. Moreover, he has always had a minor role in the famous Nepali movie “Hami Teen Bhai” which featured some of the most popular and relevant actors in Nepali like Rajesh Hamal and Shree Krishna Shrestha.

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