Preezol Nepal Bio, Journey in The Voice of Nepal and Social Media

Preezol Nepali is one of the most loved contestants in The Voice of Nepal 2022. You will never have enough of his voice once you listen to him sing.

The singer is extremely talented and phenomenal at what he does. Ashish has stolen the hearts of Nepalese people all around the world with his talent. He is one of those singers that will make you feel ecstatic only with his singing. And, we all know that there aren’t many people who are able to do this with their talent.

Nepali has been rooted to be the winner by the fans for a while now. You should definitely tune into his music from the show as well as out of the show.

Preezol Nepali Bio

Preezol Nepali has been singing even before he came to The Voice of Nepal. The Season 4 contestant had been recording and publishing his own song covers on Youtube. His fans and audience have always loved his melodious and unique voice.

It is an understatement to say that Preezol’s voice soothes our souls from within. The singer comes from a family of singers. And, he has always been fond of singing from the child he was a child. Even his father and brother are keen singers and musicians. This is a reason why Preezol has always been so close and familiar with the music. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that singing is in his blood.

Besides this, he has also released his own song Bhayo Bhayo alongside Alisha Sharma. Nepali is truly versatile and talented. The Voice of Nepal has given him a better platform to present his talent and earn fame not only in the country but also internationally.

Preezol Nepali’s Journey in The Voice of Nepal

Nepali has been getting a lot of love from the time he came to the show. Many of his audience and fans were already familiar with the singer given that he had been in the field for quite a while.

And, Raju Lama(Jojo) recognized him as soon as he was on the stage. This is because even his family was engaged in the same profession for years. The rest is history. And, Preezol also got to the Top 9 of the contest which is one of the most amazing achievements for the singer.

Preezol Nepali Social Media

Preezol Nepali is quite active on his Instagram and Facebook. You should definitely catch him on the platforms if you want to know more about him.