Price Harry Says He Killed 25 People in Afghanistan!

Everyone knows about the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, but there aren’t many who know about his history in the military. In this article, we have given all the insight you might need in knowing why the prince killed 25 people in Afghanistan.

Prince Harry has recently revealed that he killed 25 people in Afghanistan. This has shocked many people all around the world. But the prince did not do it out of context.

Why did Prince Harry Kill 25 Afghanistani?

It is almost hard to believe that a British royal could do something like this. It is a lesser-known fact that the prince also served in the military for a while in the past.

Prince Harry of Sussex revealed that he looked at the Afghanistani people not as people or soldiers but as chess pieces. This made it easier for him to mark his target and shoot. As a result, he recalls having killed at least 25 of the soldiers. Despite killing them, Harry does not repent or regret doing it at all. The 38-year-old prince said that he visited the victims of 9/11 and knew how severe the situation was for the victims of the attack. Hence, killing the soldiers did not leave any feeling of remorse.

Target of Terrorists

Prince Harry also reveals that he is in danger of a terrorist attack. It has been a while since he was under target. The prince is in fear that something bad might happen to him in the process of keeping himself safe.

Plus, killing 25 people is just not something that a terrorist group would forgive or forget so easily regardless of Harry being a British Royal. He also states that he knows it is only wise for him to keep himself safe for the time being.

Besides this, Prince Harry has also shared the hardships that he had to deal with during his time in the military. He recalls sitting on the floor while having a big dent in his socks which led to him having a sore and brittle foot.

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