Protests in Iran: Death row reporter Mehdi Beik arrested

Mehdi Beik, an Iranian journalist who interviewed families of protesters sentenced to death, has been arrested, according to his wife and Iranian media.

Mehdi Beik was detained on Thursday night, according to the reformist newspaper Etemad, for which Mr. Beik works.

His arrest is being held for unknown reasons. But it comes in the middle of an ongoing crackdown and anti-government protests.

Since the death of an Iranian Kurdish woman in police custody, Iran has been rocked by months of protests.

After Mahsa Amini, 22, who was imprisoned by morality police for reportedly donning her hijab improperly died in September. And protests broke out. They soon swept throughout the nation, posing the Islamic Republic’s gravest threat since its founding in 1979.

Zahra Beik, Mr. Beik’s wife, claimed in a tweet on Friday that her husband had been detained. And it was by agents of the Ministry of Information and his cell phone, laptop, and possessions were seized.

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