Rewash Gurung The Voice of Nepal, Bio, and Social Media

When it comes to singing and winning the hearts of millions, you cannot miss out on Rewash Gurung. Rewash is a name to remember for all music lovers. 

Rewash has been one of the best contestants in The Voice of Nepal. Gurung’s performances are all quite impressive. And, he has been able to garner a lot of fans from all over the country after he entered the auditions. The contestant has been successfully moving on in his journey as a The Voice contestant to this date.

If you want to learn more about Rewash, you should definitely stick with us till the end of this article.

Rewash Gurung The Voice of Nepal

Rewash Gurung has managed to enter the Top 12 finalist group in the show as of now. He was immediately taken into the team by Raju Lama(Jojo). And, the man has not failed to impress us with his more than amazing performances to this day.

Rewash has had quite an impressive record in the field of music. He also records a few music covers on his own and posts them on Youtube. As for his journey on the show, Gurung has been performing to impress and express both at the same time. Fans have been rooting for him since the time he auditioned and you will be surprised by the way this singer gets the hearts and love from his fans.

Gurung is one of those contestants that you should be rooting for this season. He is more than sure to excel by the end of the season and his future in the Nepali music industry seems more than bright.

Rewash Gurung Bio

Rewash has been trained well from the beginning of his journey on the show. Though not much is known about Gurung, you can say that he was always very close to his family. He is not very low-key about his private life. Hence, he keeps on posting a lot of pictures of himself and his family which makes him all the more likable and appreciable in the eyes of his fans.

Besides this, he was also a part of Sikkim Idol. Gurung started his career early on. He is also a vocalist in his band called Music Roll. The artist has been gaining a lot of fans as well as fame from his music. Likewise, you can find Rewash’s band in many concerts mostly in North East part of India.

Rewash Gurung Social Media

Rewash is the most active on Instagram. You can get to see a lot about Rewash’s life and journey in The Voice of Nepal 2022 from his social media pages. You can also find his songs on Youtube.

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