Rishi Dhamala Bio, Wife, Career, Controversies, and Instagram

Rishi Dhamala is one of the most famous journalist in Nepal. There is barely anyone in Nepal who does not know about him. 

Many of his statements have been controversial and scandalous. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that he got popular mostly because of his scandalous ways. There are not many journalists who can do journalism like he has been doing over the years.

Though Dhamala has garnered many naysayers and negative opinions from many throughout the years, you can equally find people who agree with what he has to say.

Rishi Dhamala Bio

Rishi Dhamala was born on November 12, 1970 in Dhading. His parents named him Durga Raj Dhamala at birth. However, with his career, he went on gaining popularity with the name Rishi Dhamala.

Likewise, he has completed his education till IA. He comes from a Hindu background and is a Brahmin. Dhamala is currently living and working in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Rishi Dhamala Wife and Children

Rishi Dhamala is married to Aliza Gautam. The couple also have two children together, namely Arik and Erika.

People have been very speculative about the age gap between the couple. However, it was Aliza’s mother who clarified that she chose someone mature for her daughter so that he could be a good husband to her. Speaking of Gautam, she is actively working as an actress and a model in the Nepali film and modeling industry. Aliza Gautam is 29 years old as of 2022 whereas Dhamala is 52 years old.

Regardless of people’s opinions on them, the couple are happily married.

Rishi Dhamala Career

Besides being a journalist, he is also the founder of Reporter’s Club Nepal. At the same time he writes articles for newspapers and edits everything he posts on his online news portal website.

The journalist has been actively working in all of the fields to this date. Though he has been working in many areas, two of his most famous programs are “Dhamala ko Hamala” and “Janata Janna Chahanchhan“. These are the shows that has sparked a lot of controversies among the viewers as well as the guests of the show. While many established journalists of Nepal have a formal way of conduct, Dhamala has his infamous way of interviewing his guests in an aggressive manner.

Rishi Dhamala Controversies

It would be a lie if we say that Rishi has never been involved in any controversies. In fact, he is one name that has been involved in several debates and discusssions.

On top of this, Dhamala has almost always been in a negative light given that he has a different style of conduct. It was on 3 February 2009 that the journalist was arrested for having links with a terrorist outfit, Ranvir Sena.

Rishi Dhamala Instagram

Considering the fact that he is a big media personality, he is very active on his social media. He posts a lot of his life updates to his projects and works on his Instagram. Similarly, he has 240 followers on his Instagram profile as of 2022.

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