Roshan Kumar Neupane CEO of NIC Asia bank Bio, Career, Partner, and More.

Roshan Kumar Neupane is the Chief Executive Officer of NIC Asia Bank. He has a record to have set of phenomenal work in the arena of Nepali Banking. 

Roshan Kumar has made a name for himself in this sector in a way not many people have to this date. Moreover, he inspires many youths in Nepal to get closer to their goals and wishes to become successful with hard work and determination. In this article, we will be discussing Roshan Kumar Neupane, his life, career, and a lot of things many people are curious about.

Roshan Kumar Neupane Bio

Roshan Kumar Neupane and his birth details are yet a mystery to us considering that there are only discussions about his career more than anything. However, he hails from a very remote village in Rasuwa. It was not easy to make out the fact that he has always been very hard-working and diligent in everything that he aimed to achieve ever since he was a young boy.

Besides, he is a graduate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal. This is also a reason why he is the youngest chief executive officer in Nepal to this date.

The man has really set an example for being a phenomenal performer and an excellently driven banker in Nepal.

Roshan Kumar Neupane Career

Roshan has been working diligently in NIC Asia Bank as the youngest CEO in Nepal. He joined NIC Asia Bank in 2008. He has surpassed even the most literate MBAs in the sector of banking as a Chartered Accountancy graduate. And, today there must not be anyone in the sector of finances and banking who does not know Kumar or his achievements.

While many people have waited for years to get in his position, he has done it in a short time with enough effort and struggle. He is truly an inspiration to youths all around Nepal.

Roshan Kumar Neupane Partner

Neupane is happily married to Srijana Neupane. The couple completed their 15th year in marital bliss on November 26th, 2022. The couple has two sons together. Roshan Kumar thanks his amazing wife to have supported him in his journey to be a successful banker. Had it not been for her support, Neupane refuses to believe that he would succeed as much as he has today. He shares a lot of his family life on his Instagram and Facebook.

Roshan Kumar Neupane Achievements

The young CEO has won the prestigious award the prestigious ‘Prawal Jana Sewa Shree’ from President Bidhya Devi Bhandari. He was elicited with the award on the occasion of Constitution’s Day for his contribution and hard work in the field of the banking sector in Nepal.

It is important for everyone to realize the fact that he is not popular among the people, especially the youths in Nepal, because of his career as a banker in Nepal. In fact, Roshan Kumar earned his fame necessarily because he is a brand in himself. And, there aren’t many people who can overpower a determined banker like Neupane.

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