Ryan Cohen Wife or Girlfriend In 2022- Is He Married?

Does Ryan Cohen have a wife or a girlfriend as of 2022? Let us explore the love life of the Canadian Billionaire.

Ryan Cohen is a renowned Entrepreneur, Activist Investor, and the founder and former CEO of Chewy. It is an American online retailer and E-commerce site.

At present, he is the Chairman of GameStop Corporation, an American Video game and gaming merchandise retailer.

Ryan Cohen Wife or Girlfriend In 2022

According to unofficial sources, Ryan Cohen doesn’t have a wife as of now as he isn’t married.

There are chances that the Businessman could be having a secret girlfriend, However, he hasn’t revealed any details of his love life yet.

Ryan has a Son whose photo is available on the Internet. But his name along with the identity of his mother is a complete mystery.

Showbizcorner.com writes, that Ryan’s wife was pregnant when he sold his E-commerce site in 2018.

But, there is no any proof that he has a wife or girlfriend.

Follow Ryan Cohen On Twitter

The official Twitter account of Ryan Cohen has over 322k followers at the moment. We can find his verified profile under the username @ryancohen.

He isn’t active on Instagram or Facebook for some unknown reasons.

His Net Worth According to Forbes

The American Business Magazine Forbes reveals that Ryan Cohen is currently entitled to a staggering net worth of $2.8 billion.

He is currently ranked 1445 in the World’s Richest person chart.

Furthermore, He initially rose to prominence after founding Chewy, a renowned E-commerce platform. In 2018, he sold his company to PetSmart at a valuation of $3.4 billion.

In 2020, he bought a 13% stake in GameStop for around $76 million. And a year later, he joined GameStop’s board.

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