Salvador Rolando Ramos Instagram Revealed- Texas School Shooting

The 18 years old gunman Salvador Rolando Ramos hinted about his attacks on his Instagram and Facebook pages days before the incident. At least 18 children and one Teacher have been confirmed. Here is the full story to it.

Another horrifying incident has occurred in the United States. As per reports, an 18 years old Salvador Rolando Ramos opened fire at Robb Elementary School of Texas on May 25.  The death toll reached 19 total where 18 were students and one teacher.

The official law enforcement soon took down the gunman. More details are yet to come.

Salvador Rolando Ramos Instagram Reveals Firearm Pictures

Salvador Rolando Ramos has uploaded several firearm pictures on his Instagram account. Officials say that his social media indicate that he had previously planned his attack. His official Instagram account was available under the username @Salv8dor_.

However, after his name got announced publicly, his account was deleted. Currently, several fake accounts are available under his name.

Similarly, Salvador’s Facebook and Twitter accounts aren’t available either.

Salvador Rolando Ramos Wikipedia

Suspect Salvador Rolando Ramos is responsible for a massacre that occurred at Robb Elementary School. A total of 18 children and 1 Teacher have lost their lives in the Incident. There is a Wikipedia page that has covered briefly the incident.

As per reports, Salvador went from one classroom to another firing at innocent children. He had even uploaded pictures of a gun on his social media accounts days before the incident.

Furthermore, the gunman had even killed his grandmother before entering the school premises. But, there hasn’t been a connection established between his different shootings.

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