Salvador Rolando Ramos Wikipedia | Robb Elementary School Shooter

Salvador Rolando Ramos Wikipedia: The suspect of Robb Elementary School Shooter Salvador Ramos is officially killed after a police shootout.  Read Everything here.

The 18 years old Gunman and a student at Uvalde High School opened fire at the Texas Elementary School killing a total of 21 People. Out of the 21, 19 were children and two were adults.

Moreover, Just a day before the incident, he reportedly shot his Grandmother as well. She is alive as per officials.

Suspect Salvador Rolando Ramos Wikipedia

The 18 years old suspect Salvador Rolando Ramos is responsible for one of the deadliest school shootings in history. He was a former student at Uvalde High School.

A total of 21 people lost their lives in the Massacre that took place on May 25. 19 have been identified as children and two were adults.

Salvador carried an AR-15-style rifle and several magazines. He first shot a Uvalde School police officer who was stopping him from entering the building.

At 11:43 a.m., minutes after the gunshot was heard, the Elementary school was placed on lockdown. Furthermore, several Facebook and Twitter posts started coming from the school revealing the shooter.

As per reports, the gunman went from one classroom to another firing at the children.

U.S. Border Patrol Tactical Unit agents arrived as a request for assistance. They started trading fire with Salvador and soon they were able to take him down.

Salvador Rolando Ramos Parents

There hasn’t been any information on Salvador Rolando Ramos’ parents and family members. However, news media revealed that he had shot and wounded his Grandmother just the day before the Texas School Shooting.

Moreover, The motive of ths shooting is still unknown.

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