Selena Gomez is looking for love after 4 years of splitting with Justin Bieber!

Selena Gomez is possibly one of the most beautiful and famous celebrities in the world. There may not be just anyone who does not know about her. 

In the same way, almost every pop song lover in the world would know about her infamous relationship with singer and songwriter Justin Bieber. Well, the ex-couple went through a rough patch in their relationship for almost a decade of being together and separating from one another. They did not always have bad times though. There are just so many pictures and pap shots that you can find of this couple even today where they are all happy and cheerful about one another.

But what happened after is history!

Selena Gomez and Hayley Bieber Baldwin: Are they friends or foes?

Selena Gomez and Hayley Bieber have been constantly compared with one another ever since Hayley got into a relationship and later got married to Justin Bieber. Whatsoever, are these women friends or foes? Neither actually. But they are definitely on good terms!

Many fans had assumed that the ladies are not on the best terms with one another given the fact that Hayley stated she had been with Justin since she was 18. But everyone knows about Selena and Justin getting together even after breaking up with one another. But what exactly was the problem?

selena gomez

The couple separated and were with one another back and forth throughout the years. And yes, Hayley was already in the scene within this time frame. But Baldwin seems to refuse the allegations regardless of the truth.

The women took a very cute picture with one another in an event that actually seemed to clear the doubts of people all around the world once and for all. In the picture, the two are smiling with their widest smiles. And you can tell that the smile is very genuine from both ladies.

Open for love

Gomez has not always had the best romantic history. However, in 2023, she is open for a romantic relationship and actually emotionally ready for one too. So, the year is going to be amazing. And the fans are rooting for her to find love as soon as possible!

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