Sherri Papini Arrested For Faking 2016 Kidnapping In California

Sherri Papini has been recently arrested for faking her own kidpanning in 2016. In addition, The officials state that she faked her kidpanning so she could live with her Ex-Boyfriend. 

After six years since the incident, the officials have been able to charge Sherry for making up the whole thing. Read everything in this article.

Sherri Papini Arrested For Faking Own Kidnapping

Sheeri Papini is accused of faking a kidnapping of her own in 2016. She had claimed that she was kidnapped by two women while jogging in Redding, California.

Sherri initially went missing in November of 2016. Moreover, she was found only after 22 days since the incident in Yolo County.

Charges On Sherri Papini

On Thursday, March 2022, the Justice Department disclosed that they had arrested Sherri Papini. She is charged for making several false statements to federal law officer. In addition, she is charged with mail fraud as well. Moreover, Sherri is likely to face around five years in prison and a $250k dollar fine.

The Investigation show that Sherri completely faked her own kidnapping so, she could live with her Ex Boyfriend.

To make the story more believable, she had injured herself thus all the bruises on her face.

Who Is Sherri Papini Ex Boyfriend?

Sherri Papini was living in her ex boyfriend’s house in California, the entire time she claimed she was kidnapped. More information on her Ex-boyfriend is yet to be revealed.

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