Sibongile Mani Wikipedia, Arrest News, Age

Sibongile Mani Wikipedia: Sibongile Mani is a South African student who has been arrested recently. So, read further to find out more about her.

Sibongile Mani is a student of accounting and finance at the Walter Sisulu University in Eastern Cape, South Africa. The Hawks arrested her for stealing money and fraudulence.

Sibongile Mani Wikipedia

Sibongile Mani has no Wikipedia as of now. She is a student of accounting and finance at a South African University. Furthermore, She studied at Walter Sisulu University.

Mani is guilty of theft of a huge amount of money. Mani came under suspicion when her lifestyle started changing drastically all of a sudden.

Moreover, her sudden change in lifestyle led to the probe. Sibongile was the chairperson and secretary of a political organization, an SRC member, and a secretary of the Accounting Society. She was also a student leader.

Sibongile Mani Arrest News

Sibongile Mani is guilty of theft. She stole over R810,000 from the R14 million she accidentally received from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) in 2017. However, the funds were transferred to her bank account accidentally. IntelliMali, a company that was employed by NFAS to pay food and book allowances to students allegedly made the mistake. Nevertheless, The East London Regional Court found Sibongile guilty of theft.

The East London Regional Court’s magistrate, Twanette Olivier found her guilty of theft on Monday, 7 February 2022. She received a monthly allowance of R1400 which is about $91, for food.

By the time Intellimali discovered their mistake on 13 August, she’d already embezzled R818000 from the funds. Moreover, she spent R11000 (about $715) for 73 days on average. Hawks’ Serious Commercial Crime Unit arrested Mani in May 2018. The court found her guilty and sentenced her to five years in prison on Wednesday. Magistrate Twanett Olivier gave her verdict.  The former student activist spent the money on prohibited items, including alcohol, electrical appliances, cigarettes, bedding, gift cards, and toys.

Her Age As of 2022

Sinongile Mani is 31 years old. She was only 27 years old when she embezzled NSFAS’s funds.

Sibongile’s grandmother Nombulelo Mani, raised her in Queenstown since she was six years old. As to her LinkedIn account, she lived in Johannesburg.

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