Simon Dorante-Day Wikipedia, Is He Secret Son of King Charles?

The public has been seeking a Simon Dorante-Day Wikipedia page to know his origin and connection to the Royal Family of Britain. Here is everything in brief.

The current King of England, Charles III wed his second wife Camilla Parker Bowles in the year 2005. And they have children from their first marriages.

But, an Australian named Simon has taken the Internet by surprise after his claims that he is the secret son of Charles and Camilla.

Simon Dorante-Day Wikipedia Biography

There hasn’t been any official confirmed Wikipedia page on Simon Dorante-Day and his Biography.

Simon is a 56 years Engineer who was born in Gosport, Hamps but currently lives in Queensland.

He has come forward sharing that he is the secret lovechild of Charles III and Camilla. He had first made public claims in 2016.

Later he started sharing side-by-side images of him and King Charles. There is definitely some resemblance between him and the current King. However, this isn’t enough to prove he is of the royal bloodline.

In 2021, he made an appearance in several news headlines and got even bigger attention from the public.

And recently after the death of the Queen of England, he resurfaced on the Internet with his claims.

Is He The Secret Son Of King Charles III and Camilla Parker?

Simon Dorante-Day was born in April 1966 and has alleged that he was conceived in 1965 after King Charles and Camilla first romantically linked.

He also claims that after he was born he was adopted by a family with links to the Royal family. And, he has stated that the Royal Family has been trying to hide the truth from the public for years.

To this day, neither Charles nor Camilla have had any comments on the allegations.

Moving on, Simon revealed to the media that he has already filed papers to the High Court to take a DNA test.

In 2019, in an interview with New Idea, he said, ” Princess Diana knew of my existence after she had put the pieces together”.

And he said that Diana was going to publicly reveal his identity before her tragic accident in 1997.

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