Streamer Ranboo Face Reveal Image Leaked, FanArt and Age

Has the twitch streamer Ranboo done a Live Face Reveal? Fans have been curious to know his real face. Continue reading to unveil the mystery.

Ranboo is a Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and social media personality with millions of followers. Currently, he is trending on Twitter with the hashtag ranboospace. As of now, there have been over 5.2k Tweets using the hashtag.

He is widely known for streaming and uploading Minecraft content. And, he has streamed other games such as Stray, Outlast, and Roblox. 

Ranboo Face Reveal Image Leaked

In 2021, a Twitter user by the name of Inactive shared an image with the caption “ranboo face reveal ??? leaked???”. Here the person on the image had a similar getup as Ranboo, wearing similar masks and shades with gloves on his hands.

But, fans didn’t believe it was the real Ranboo. As his physique and hair didn’t look similar at all.

Reading the comments section we got to know that the image was of a guy named Tommy. And the Twitter user apologized to every commenter saying it was just a Joke and she also knows it was Tommy.

This made people wonder more about Ranboo’s real face and identity. Sadly, there hasn’t been much luck lately.

Ranboo FanArt and Merch

There are several talented artists who have been sharing their FanArt of Ranboo on their social media accounts. Twitter and Reddit are some of the known platforms to search his fanart.

There are digital arts, sketches, paintings, and other forms of art of Ranboo available on the Internet.

Moving on, there are several websites for Ranboo’s marches including Ranboo.Fashion, ranbooshop, ranboostore and ranboomerch.


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How Tall Is the Twitch Streamer?

The streamer and YouTube star Ranboo is quite tall with a height of 6 feet and 6 inches. Similarly, he is currently 18 years old and turns 19 in a couple of months.

He was born on November 2, 2003, in the United States.

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