Sydney Sweeney Mesmerizes Everyone with Georgio Armani Lippie!

Sydney Sweeney is one of the most influential celebrities for the new generation. She got her fame from the popular show Euphoria where she played the role of Cassie Howard. 

Sydney has always made sure to surprise everyone with her amazing appearance and beautiful style and makeup. And this time, she has not failed to take the cake with her Armani lippie.

Sydney Sweeney Armani Lippie

Sweeney has been a part of many fashion ad campaigns to this date. She has modeled and promoted many brands. And, this time, she has come up with a new advertisement on her Instagram for Armani. The actress looks stunning in the black strapless dress that she has sported with vibrant makeup to match her outfit. But wait, her look is leveled up with Armani’s lipstick that looks absolutely phenomenal on the actress. On her Instagram, she wrote, “Feeling myself might get lippie later”. So obviously the actress was feeling good as she should in her new glam look.

The makeup and style credit goes to hairstylist Bobby Eliot, makeup artist Melissa Hernandez, and stylist Molly Dickson.

You will not want to miss out on her amazing look. Make sure that you check her Instagram to see her new look. Many fashion and beauty influencers have been inspired by her makeup. And, we can’t wait for all the amazing looks that are going to come as an inspired project from Sweeney’s look.

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