The Act Man Leaving YouTube Over Quantum TV Controversy: Explained

The Act Man vs Quantum TV Controversy has taken over the Internet by surprise. And after his entire YouTube channel has been demonetized he has decided to leave YouTube for good.

The Act Man is a popular American YouTuber who is known for his game reviews. He mostly does reviews of PC games such as Call of Duty and Halo. In addition, his channel has over 1.5 million subscribers as of 2022.

But, why has he decided to leave YouTube? Find the truth here.

The Act Man V Quantum TV YouTube Controversy Explained

The Act Man Vs Quantum TV situation has gotten out of hand. Recently, The Act Man made a video pointing out that Quantum TV had broken several community guidelines. It was TiTled “The Dark Age of YouTube- Quantum TV Found Innocent?” 

However, within hours of upload, the video started getting flags and reports. It was later taken down from YouTube without any proper reasoning. He received a mail from YouTube stating that his video was taken down due to “Nudity and Sexual Content”. He tweeted that his cucumber joke could be a reason but it isn’t a valid reason at all.

A couple of hours later, he Tweeted to confirm that his two other videos got demonetized and age-restricted. To add, all of his three videos were flagged by Quantum TV and taken down by YouTube within just one hour.

The Act Man appealed for a review of all of his video flagged but the response wasn’t positive. Within 30 minutes his appeal was rejected by YouTube.

The Act Man Leaving YouTube Confirmed

Popular YouTuber The Act Man has announced on his Twitter that he will be leaving YouTube for good. At first, his video roasting Quantum TV was removed from YouTube. But, later, one after another his multiple videos got flagged and age restrictions.

Currently, his whole YouTube channel is demonetized which came as a shock for all. Not just his, any YouTuber who uploads YouTube video talking against Quantum TV, their video is getting flagged.

Moving on, The Act Man has requested everyone to not make any threats against YouTube, Quantum TV, or anyone else. In addition, he has asked his followers to use the hashtag #JusticeForActMan. It is currently trending on Twitter as well.

The Act Man hasn’t deleted his YouTube channel at the moment. He often updates on the controversy on his Twitter account.

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