The Nepali Singer Durgesh Thapa In Controversy Again

Durgesh Thapa is one of the most popular singers of Nepal who has been caught in a new controversy. Furthermore, he is most popular for his Teej song called Bicha Bicha Ma.

After releasing his latest song, Bicha Bicha Ma-4, the Rashtriya Lok & Dohori Song Pratisthan has released a notice for him to remove the word, Khyassa, from his song title.

Moreover, Durgesh Thapa was previously in controversy for his song Happy Tihar, Chisso Beer. He later had to remove the song from the Internet and YouTube.

Singer Durgesh Thapa Teej Song Controversy

The rising singer Durgesh Thapa is viral at the moment after he has been in a new controversy for his latest Teej song Bicha Bicha Ma-4 (Khyassa Putali ).

The Rashtriya Lok & Dohori Song Pratisthan found the word Khyassa being used unnecessarily. Also, it is found to harm the image of Lokdohori songs. Thus they have released a press notice asking Durgesh to remove the word “Khyassa” from its title.

Not to forget, in 2019, he was trending for his controversial song, Happy Tihar, Chisso Beer. Moreover, later he deleted it permanently from YouTube.

Disclosing Durgesh Thapa Net Worth

As of 2021, the talented singer, Durgesh Thapa’s net worth is assumed to be $1 million.

In addition, his primary source of income is his songs and music videos. According to SocialBlade, he earns around $6.2K – $99.6K  yearly from his YouTube channel with over 900k subscribers in it.