Tiger Woman Clara Philips Wikipedia | Murder Of Alberta Meadows

Does Clara Phillips also known as Tiger Woman have a dedicated Wikipedia Biography? Let us learn about her crimes, trial, and her current whereabouts.

Clara has recently gone viral after her real story of murdering another young girl hit multiple podcast shows. She was found guilty of second-degree murder and served for her crimes as well.

Clara Phillips “Tiger Woman” Wikipedia

The psychopath Clara Philips was given the name “Tiger Woman” after she committed cold-blooded murder.

On July 10, 1922, Clara made a perfect plan to murder Alberta Meadows. She had come to know that her husband, Armour, and the beautiful widow, Alberta were having an affair.

The next day, she went to buy a 15-cent hammer to commit her crime. To have a second opinion, she asked the clerk whether the hammer would be enough to kill a woman. The clerk had no idea of her true intentions and was thinking she was saying a joke. Thus, He humorously agreed to her queries.

Clara also asked her friend, Peggy to help her. Then, they both came around Alberta asking her for a ride. After some miles away, Clara asked her to pull over the car to have a conversation. This is when she charged her with the 15-cent hammer down her head. As per reports, she didn’t stop hitting her head until the weapon broke down.

Clara Phillips Felony and Trial Sentence

After Clara Phillips murdered Alberta Meadows, she went home covered in blood. She had a big smile on her face and told her husband, Armour that she was going to make dinner for him.

The very next day, her husband was able to put her on a train to Albuquerque. She didn’t know that he had already called the cops on her. Several police forces were just waiting for her arrival.

She was arrested at the Albuquerque train station. And news media disclosed that she was given the name “Tiger Woman”.

Moving on, Clara was found guilty of second-degree murder. But, somehow she managed to escape the county jail.

As per sources, she served in prison until 1935. She also divorced her husband, Armour when she was still in jail.

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