TikTok trend pranking family members on Christmas fake celebrity deaths

A new TikTok trend involves people fooling their family members into thinking celebrities have died.

A new TikTok viral trend involves people pranking their family members. They do so by falsely claiming that celebrities have died unexpectedly.

One of the most popular videos, with over eight million views. It shows a vinyl record influencer from Texas informing her mother that Ozzy Osbourne had died. Her mother becomes increasingly panicked as she approaches the news. And when she says “Ozzy,” her mother begins howling.


I think my mom never wants me back for Christmas dinner 😬 #fakecelebrityprank #fakecelebritydeath #ozzy #ozzyosbourne #merrychristmas

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Many of the videos have a similar format in which the cameraman gasps and then pronounces a celebrity dead, capturing the attention of everyone in the room. In one video, a woman told her family that Justin Bieber died of a drug overdose at the age of 28, prompting the shocked person next to her to declare that her life was over.


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The morbid hashtag “celebritydeathprank” has received over 100 million views. And the trend has become so popular that people are creating compilation videos of family members being duped.

New Tiktok Trend- Claiming Celebrities Died Unexpectedly

Even celebrities who had died appeared to be immune to being used as prank fodder. A man appeared in one video telling his grandmother that Beatles guitarist John Lennon. He was assassinated in 1980, had died. She was taken aback when she heard the news.


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Several TikTok creators have also made videos in which they inform their parents that former President Donald Trump has died, to varying degrees of success. When she heard the news, a mother in one video dropped a container. And looked stunned with sadness. In another, the victim of the joke clapped their hands together. And yelled, “Thank you, Jesus, Merry Christmas!”

One creator made a video pranking her mother by telling her that her favorite celebrity, South Korean musician PSY, had died. She did so while she was exercising on a treadmill. The mother was taken aback and continued to use the machine slowly.

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