Trevor Reed Wikipedia, Details of His Arrest in Russia, Twitter

Trevor Reed has no Wikipedia page dedicated to him. Read out further to know more about him and his arrest.

Trevor Reed is a US Marine from Texas who was arrested in Russia. Moreover, he was charged with assaulting two Russian police officers. Also, he claims he remembers nothing of the incident as he was allegedly drunk at the time.

Trevor Reed Wikipedia

Trevor Reed is a former US Marine who hailed from Texas. Likewise, the Russian authorities arrested him for allegedly assaulting two Russian police officers. Nevertheless, Reed’s arrest is going viral on social media. Likewise, his parents met with US President Joe Biden concerning the release of their son. Russian authorities treated inhumanely with Reed in the prison.

Trevor was born in 1994 in Hood County, Texas. He is 28 years old as of 2022. Trevor graduated from the University of North Texas. Similarly, he is a practicing Christian by religion. His father’s name is Joey Reed and his mother’s name is Paula Reed. Also, Reed has a girlfriend named Alina.

Details of His Arrest in Russia

Russians arrested Reed in 2019. Russian authorities accused him of assaulting two Russian police officers. He grabbed a police officer who was driving and when the other one tried to intervene, he allegedly elbowed him. People have criticized Reed’s jailing as a plot driven by political interests. The prison authorities allegedly treated Trevor inhumanely. His arrest is getting huge momentum on social media currently.

The Russian court sentenced Reed to nine years in prison on the 30th of July, 2020. Moreover, in 2021, he went on a hunger strike to protest against the  Russian authorities regarding the infringement of his human rights in the prison. His parents met US President Joe Biden in regards to their son’s release from the Russian prison.

Trevor Reed Twitter

Trevor Reed is active on Twitter. Someone else made his Twitter handle with the intention to pressure the Russian authorities to free him. He joined Twitter in May of 2020. Reed has amassed 2,740 followers on Twitter. Someone else runs his Twitter handle to pressurize the authorities however. . There’s no Instagram account related to him. He is not active on any other social media platforms barring Twitter.

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