Viral ‘ Caught In 4k’ Meme Explained- Read Everything

‘Caught in 4K’ is currently one of the trending memes on Twitter.

The meme has had some popularity in the past and has got renewed recently.

Here is everything you need to know about the ‘ Caught in 4k’ Meme and how you can also use it as well.

What Is ‘Caught in 4K’ MEME?

‘Caught in 4K’ is a trending slang expression used in different social media platforms as humor. Furthermore, the expression can be used by anyone in a wide variety of situations.

In an easy term, the expression is used to describe a person who is caught on a picture or video committing an illegal act.

Moreover, the term ‘Caught in 4k’ clarifies that the evidence visible to our eyes is clear as it can get.

How Did The Memes Origin?

To know the origin of the slang, ‘ Caught in 4k, we have to go a couple of years back. As stated by Hitc, the term was initially called out by a YouTuber in a 2019 video.

After 3 years since the origin of the slang, it has become quite popular at present for some reasons. In addition, there are several hilarious memes on Twitter using the term ‘Caught in 4k’.


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