Was Edp445 Arrested For Being A Predator ? Charges Explained

Is Edp445 a Predator? He was arrested after being accused of child grooming a 13-years old girl. His charges are explained below.

Edp445 is a well-known American YouTube personality who became popular for uploading vlogs, gaming, and some other Entertaining content. However, after he was arrested for pedophile charges, his YouTube channel was deleted from the Internet.

Though his official main channel was deleted, he has several more. He has a channel named EDPGAMING1 for gaming content and CHAOTICKITCHEN445 where he uploads his cooking videos.

Was Edp445 Arrested For Being A Predator?

Recently news came by that Bryant Turhan Emerson Moreland also known as Edp445 had been arrested for tax evasion. Since, then, people have been digging up his old accusations and charges.

There had been rumors that he was spotted on a camera talking to an underage girl, 13 years old, as per sources. Similarly, people speculate that he was also charged with child grooming.

There are still several videos on the internet unveiling his inappropriate way of talking to the underage girl.

Mixedarticle reveals that a group of child protection activists also known as Predator Poachers caught him red-handed while he was trying to meet the underage girl.

Pedophile Charges On Edp445

Predator Poachers came forward accusing Edp445 of a Pedophile and they also posted a video of him talking to an underage teenage girl. They officially uploaded the video with a picture on their Instagram on April 18, 2021.

The picture appears to be a screen capture of the conversation between Edp445 and the teenage girl.

This isn’t the first time he was accused of pedophilia. When he was 17, he was found sending an inappropriate message to a girl whose identity isn’t disclosed yet.

Who Is Edp445? Real Name Disclosed

Edp445 is a YouTuber and content creator who has made headlines multiple times in the past. He was born with his real name Deyione Scott-Wilson Eason.

Moreover, he is an American and belongs to the African-American ethnicity.

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