Was Jeffrey Dahmer Gay? Convictions and Charges Explained

Was Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer Gay? The new Netflix Series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story unveils several disturbing details of him and his several murder victims. 

Jeffrey Dahmer was an American serial killer and sex offender who killed over seventeen men and boys between the years 1978 and 1991. In addition, he was also known by the name Milwaukee Monster.

He died in 1994 after a prison inmate Christopher Scarver beat him to death. He was serving his sentence at the Columbia Correctional Institution located in Portage, Wisconsin.

Was Jeffrey Dahmer Gay?

Yes, The infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was gay but never came out to his parents or family. He had first realized his sexuality when he reached puberty.

He had his first relationship with a boy when he was in his early teens. Slowly, he started fantasizing about dominating and completely controlling male partners.

To fulfill his fantasy he started harming others and even started killing them. He committed his first murder in 1978.

Dahmer was sexually attracted to Steven Hicks but he realized Hicks had an interest in girls. One day he invited him for drinking. After several hours of drinking and talking Hicks wanted to leave but he didn’t want that. 

He then hit Hicks from behind with a 4.5 kg (10 Pounds) dumbbell twice. After that, he strangled him to death and then stripped all of his clothes. And then he masturbated standing above the corpse of Hicks.

Jeffrey Dahmer Convictions and Charges

The serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer was captured and arrested on July 22, 1991, as he approached three men by offering them $100.

Detective Patrick Kennedy and Dennis Murphy interviewed him for around 60 hours. By the two weeks, Dahmer had admitted to killing seventeen young men.

At the trial, he was convicted of 15 counts of First-degree murder, 3 counts of Disorderly conduct, Resisting arrest, and Sexual Assault.

Moving on, he was then charged and sentenced to a 16th term of life imprisonment, which equaled 941 years in prison.

How Did He Die?

On November 28, 1994, Jeffrey Dahmer was accompanied by two other inmates, Christopher Scarver and Jesse Anderson at a Prison Gym Shower.

While they were unsupervised for around 20 minutes, Scarver attacked both Dahmer and Anderson with a 20-inch metal bar.

Dahmer was rushed to the hospital after he was found unconscious and bleeding on the floor. He was alive at that time but within the next hour, he was announced dead.

Similarly, Anderson also died two days later from his wounds.

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