Wayne Jenkins Wikipedia | Former Baltimore Sergeant Wife and Partner

Wayne Jenkins Wikipedia: He is a former Sergeant from Baltimore who is currently serving a 25-year sentence for abusing his power as law enforcement. Let us take a closer look at his life.

Wayne and his 7 other squad members got arrested in 2017 for robbery, overtime fraud, racketeering, and extortion. In addition, their real-life events have also been adapted in the making of the 2022 drama series We Own This City.

Wayne Jenkins Baltimore Wikipedia

As per English Wikipedia, Wayne Jenkins is a former Sergeant and a task force leader in Baltimore. He was officially arrested in 2017. And after serving 25 years, he will be released in 2038.

Jenkins with his 7 other police officers were arrested and charged with abusing their powers. As per reports, they stole money, and drugs, and also did illegal searches at random houses. They continued this for almost 10 years.

Furthermore, a mini-drama series We Own This City was released which is based on the rise and down of the Baltimore Police Forces.

Similarly, the other high-ranked Police officers who were arrested are Former Detective Jemell Rayam, Former Detective Momodu Gondo, Former Detective Evodio Hendrix, former Detective Maurice Ward, etc.

Disclosing Wayne Jenkins Wife, Girlfriend, or Partner Details

Baltimore Ex-Sergeant Wayne Jenkins is currently married to Kristy Jenkins. People became aware of his love life after the TV show depicted his life partner in episode 5.

Kristy also supported her husband during his Trial. She also wrote a letter to Judge Catherine C.Blake, sources claim. She wrote how sorry Wayne truly is and also requested to consider his penalty.

Unfortunately, Kristy lives a low-key life and is away from the reach of the media.

Moreover, the pair also have three children, which is shown on the show as well.

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