What Is Maundy Thursday? Meaning Of Maundy Thursday Explained

What Is Maundy Thursday? Unveil the true meaning of Maundy Thursday in this article. 

It is also commonly known by other names like Holy Thursday, Great Thursday, or Sheer Thursday. It generally is a special Christian holiday celebrated during Holy Week before Easter.

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What Is Maundy Thursday? Meaning Explained

Currently, the public is curious to know the true meaning of Maundy Thursday and why is it celebrated.

Maundy Thursday is a part of the Holy Week before Easter. In addition, it is the fifth day of the week that comes before the Good Friday and the Holy Wednesday.

It has several names as per people celebrating from Geographical regions. Some common names given to it are, Holy Thursday, Covenant Thursday, Great and Holy Thursday, Thursday of Mysteries, and  Sheer Thursday. 

In places such as Ireland, the United States, and Canada, ‘Holy Thursday’ is widely used whereas, in England, ‘Holy Thursday’ is generally used.

Origin Of The Word “Maundy”

Here the word “Maundy” means a ceremony of washing the feet of the poor. Furthermore, sources claim that the word came from Old French as mande. 

Later it changed to mandātum, the Latin version, which means Command.

Some even believe that the word was derived from  “maundy purses” or  “maundsor baskets” of alms. Here, Maund means to beg, as it arose from French mendier and Latin mendicare.

Is There Public Holiday On Maundy Thursday?

There is a public holiday on Maundy Thursday on most several countries such as the Philippines, the United States, Iceland, Mexico, Peru, and many more. Also, the Kerala State of India celebrates Maundy Thursday.

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