What Is Priyanka Karki Daughter Name? Find Out Here

Priyanka Karki has given birth to a daughter. Find her daughter’s name.

Priyanka is one of the talented actresses from the Nepal Film industry. Some of her popular movies are Jholay, Nai Nabhannu La 2, Shree Paanch Ambare, Mission Paisa 2 – Reloaded, and more.

She is also a well-known model and a film director. Moreover, she initially snatched the headlines of media after winning Miss Teen Nepal 2005 pageant. 

She had debuted in the Entertainment industry in 2006 as a host of the show A fashion and lifestyle show. In the same year, she also hosted the Television Sitcom. 

In addition, Priyanka got congratulated by Prime Minister Sushil Koirala after winning the Best Actor award in NFDC National Film Awards 2017.

What Is Priyanka Karki Daughter Name?

Priyanka Karki has named her newly born daughter Ayanka Karki Joshi.

The name seems to be derived from the surname of Priyanka and her husband. Ayushman. The couple has shared their happiness with a post on Instagram writing, “Our little angel, Welcome to the world, welcome to our life our sweet pea”.

Furthermore, There were lots of trolls on the Internet for her photoshoots and images uploaded showing naked belly. But, Priyanka handled everything professionally. 

Priyanka Karki Husband Ayushman Joshi: Who Is Her Previous Husband?

The actress Priyanka Karki is currently married to the love of her life, Ayushman Joshi. 

Furthermore, The couple officially tied the knot on 27 February 2020. 

Priyanka’s husband, Ayushman, is also a movie actor. He has appeared in movies like Changa Chait (2018), Katha Kathmandu (2018), and Chhakka Panja 2 (2017).

Ayushman is Priyanka’s second husband. She was previously married to her first husband, Rochak Mainali. The couple was married for two years.

Moreover, the current couple, Priyanka and Ayushman, have welcomed their first child, Ayanka Karki Joshi.

Priyanka Karki Instagram Account

Priyanka Karki has an Instagram account, which is registered @priyanka.karki.

In addition, Her Instagram account has amassed 1 million followers. There are 3.7k posts at present.

Furthermore, she has also followed 947 people.