Who Is Afrita Khadgi? Find Everything On Voice Of Nepal Contestant

Afrita Khadgi is one of the trending singer-songwriters who appears to be in her early twenties. Read everything on her career records and achievements in brief.

Her popularity has skyrocketed after she managed to place in the top 10 of the ongoing Nepali singing competition, The Voice Of Nepal Season 3.

Furthermore, she recently got a chance to feature on The Atlas Of Beauty magazine.

The Voice Of Nepal Contestant Afrita Khadgi Age

The popular singer from The Voice Of Nepal Afrita Khadgi appears to be somewhere in her early twenties.

As she hasn’t revealed her full birth date, her exact age is unknown at the moment.

Nonetheless, from her Facebook bio, we came to know that she celebrates her birthday on September 29.

Afrita Khadgi Net Worth Revealed

The singer Afrita Khadgi’s net worth is assumed to be in the figures of lakhs. But the precise amount is under evaluation as of 2021.

She has been competing in different singing competitions from a young age. Also, she has performed during her school and college occasions.

At the moment her YouTube channel has got only 900 subscribers thus it hasn’t been monetized to earn.

Afrita Khadgi Wikipedia Bio

Afrita Khadgi who has been able to win the hearts of judges and thousands of Nepali fans hasn’t yet got a Wiki profile.

She first performed in the Women In Concert competition held in 2016. The show had published her singing profile throughout the nation.

Similarly, at present, she has been finalized as one of the top 10 contenders for The Voice Of Nepal season 3.

Find Afrita Khadgi Instagram

You can follow her on Instagram under the nametag @afrita_khadgi having 2.8k followers in it.

Similarly, she has followed 520 people and has 192 posts at present. In addition, besides singing, she also loves to travel and has a small passion for drawing as well.