Who Is Bijay Shahi? Did Nelson Dellis Get Scammed?

Bijay Shahi is a self-claimed memory king of Nepal who has been headlined in media very often. Is He Fake? Find everything on his bio below.

He has been recently trending after Nelson Dellis, who is an American author and Grandmaster of Memory came to Nepal to test him. Furthermore, Nelson now claims he has been scammed by Bijay.

Who Is Bijay Shahi?

Bijay Shahi is believed to be a scammer who but has registered his name in Champions Book for memorizing 102 words in 30 seconds.

But he hasn’t been able to clearly prove his memory strength in the media.

At first, he became viral after showing a demo of his strength to the Journalist Bhagya Neupane. Though many people believed in his power, some had already started questioning.

Similarly, some other famous journalists like Rishi Dhama also interviewed him on their show. However, no one could catch him red-handed by then.

However, once when he was challenged by some locals in an organized event. Everyone in Nepal started questioning his power and truthfulness.

He was caught red-handed where the public found he used to write on a paper that had already gotten some marks of words in it.

Bijay Shahi Scammed Nelson Dellis?

Though initially the true memory king, memory athlete, and Grandmaster of Memory, Nelson Dellis didn’t come straight. Now has openly stated that he got scammed by Bijay Shahi.

After the thousands of Nepalese viewers apologized to Nelson disapproving of Bijay’s power, he finally reuploaded another video.

There was also a video viral that clearly shows how Bijay faked his trick with the help of his colleagues or team members.

Moreover, Nelson’s official Video is linked below for you to check.

Did Bijay Shahi take 40-50 lakhs From Students?

Recently there were rumors that Bijay Shahi also took around a total of 40-50 Nrs.Lakhs from students.

However, he claims that it is fake saying he nor his team never took such high amounts. He added, but he did promise to teach the memory technique to around 200 students.

And because of the covid pandemic, he isn’t able to. So, he also requested everyone to be patient as he is trying to make a favorable environment to teach.

What Do You Think? Will He Really Be Able To Teach His Secret Formula? Stick With Us For More Updates.