Who Is Bijay Shahi? Read Everything On His Divine Power

Bijay Shahi is the self-claimed memory king of Nepal who has been headlined often in the Media for his acts. Find if he has a Wiki bio or not.

He has been trending all over Nepal after he proved to have higher memory power in Bhagya Neupane’s interview. Furthermore, he has also been interviewed by Rishi Dhamala and other great tv hosts.

But is he real or fake? To test it, the real Grandmaster of Memory from America, Nelson Dellis came to Nepal. Read the full article to find his results.

The Devine Power Bijay Shahi Wiki Bio & Age

The trending Bijay Shahi hasn’t yet received his official Wikipedia bio

He was born in Kalikot Nepal on 2000 January 1. Thus, he is 21 years old as of 2021.

Bijay has met many honorable and powerful political members of Nepal in a very short period. In addition, he has uploaded pictures taken with former Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal.

Similarly, you can also find photos of him with former education minister Giririrajamani Pokhrel.

Explaining Bijay Shahi Scamming Nelson Dellis

The American memory Athlete and Grandmaster of Memory was recently scammed by Bijay Shahi.

Though Bijay Shahi claims he has a higher memory power, he has never been able to prove it without any controversies attached to it.

Furthermore, Recently Nelson tried testing him by giving some random pages of a random book to memorize. But his false acts were caught red-handed in a video recorded.

As Bijay tries remembering his memorized words, some help comes from his co-workers. In addition, according to the video, his colleagues exchanged the papers which had already written all required words in them.

After people found out about it, they have been criticizing his acts all over Social media.

Watch the full video uploaded by Nelson to clear all of your doubts.

Does Bijay Shahi Have Instagram Account?

Unfortunately, Bijay Shahi’s official Instagram account wasn’t found on the Internet.

However, you can find his official Facebook account under the name @BijayaShahi.

Likewise, you can find over 3k followers in his Facebook account.