Who Is Judge Bruce Reinhart? Wikipedia, Jeffrey Epstein’s Lawyer

Where is the Wikipedia profile of trending Judge Bruce Reinhart? Read the full article on why he is suddenly trending on the Internet.

Bruce Reinhart is the magistrate judge for the Southern District of Florida who signed off the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s mansion. In addition, he is also revealed to be the Lawyer of employees of Jeffrey Epstein.

Previously, he was a federal prosecutor who served 11 years as a U.S. attorney.

Judge Bruce Reinhart Wikipedia

Bruce Reinhart is the Judge who signed off an FBI raid on the U.S. former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Mansion.

As we got deeper into the conflict, we discovered that he was originally appointed by Donald himself in 2018. Reinhart spent 11 years as an attorney before joining as a Judge.

Moving on, sources reveal that he supported Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign with a donation of 2000 USD.

Currently, People have been digging up some of his past works and connections if available. And one of the Twitter users has found a picture of Judge Reinhart with the British convicted sex offender and former socialite, Ghislaine Maxwell.

The viral picture shows that the Judge and Sex Offender are close to one another while sitting cozily. Ghislaine is seen massaging the Judge’s foot while he goes on pouring some Alcohol.

Read below to find out his connection to another convicted sex offender.

Did The Judge Represent Offender Jeffrey Epstein?

Jeffrey Epstein was an American convicted sex offender who died from Suicide on August 10, 2019. And Judge Bruce Reinhart has had previous connections linked to Epstein.

Though, Reinhart didn’t represent the Sex offender he did work for several of his Employees and defended them.

The source Politico reveals some of Epstein’s employees were his pilots, his sex slave, and also scheduler.

Reinhart was accused of violating Justice Department policies when he represented the criminals. But, he denied all the allegations and said he did not work for Epstein.

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