Who Is Pankaj Nembang? Everything To Know

Pankaj Nembang is the Senior Vice President of the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA). Find if he has a Wiki Bio or not below. 

His name has been trending recently as because of him, the respected Nepali National football coach, Abdullah Almutairi has considered resignation.

Pankaj Nembang Wikipedia Bio

The official English Wikipedia bio hasn’t uploaded Pankaj Nembang’s bio.

Pankaj is the current Vice President of ANFA. Further, It has been revealed that Pankaj had been troubling Abdullah for the past 3 weeks and thus he seems to have submitted his resignation.

Abdullah was the head coach who represented Nepal in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

In addition, the public has been always supportive of him as he brought vast progress to the Nepali football team. But he seems to have already planned on resigning.

The News has saddened all the Nepali sports fans and creating hatred for Pankaj Nembang.

Pankaj Nembang Facebook & Instagram

The Vice President Of ANFA, Pankaj Nembang is active on his Facebook account with over 1.5k followers in it.

Further, in his Facebook bio he has written, “a football lover Senior Vice President- ANFA”

Besides Facebook, he is also active on his Instagram account under the username @nembangpankaj.

In addition, he has 9 posts, 269 followers, and 274 followings in his account as of now.

The public has been started rioting and protesting against Pankaj on his Social media accounts.