Who Is Sydney Sweeney Mom and Dad? Family Details In Brief

Recently Sydney Sweeney was called out on Twitter for the family’s MAGA-Inspired Hats’ on her mom birthday. Here is everything to know. 

Sydney Sweeney is a Primetime Emmys nominee who is best known for her role as Cassie Howard in Euphoria, Olivia Mossbacher in The White Lotus, and Emaline in Everything Sucks!

Similarly, she is a trained MMA fighter who used to compete grappling in high school.

Sydney Sweeney Mom and Dad

Sydney Sweeney was born to her mom Lisa Mudd Sweeney and dad Scott Sweeney. She was dressed up as a cowgirl at her mom’s 60th surprise Western-themed party. But, it received backlash as soon she uploaded her pictures on Instagram.


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Her Instagram posts show one family member wearing a “blue lives matter” shirt and some party guests wearing “Make Sixty Great Again” hats in a MAGA style.

Though Sydney isn’t wearing any controversial clothes, she is being called out for being comfortable with her posting blue lives matter T-shirt.

In a recent tweet, she writes ” You guys this is wild. An innocent celebration for my mom’s milestone 60th birthday has turned into an absurd political statement, which was not the intention.”

Furthermore, the actress continues saying “Please stop making assumptions. Much love to everyone and Happy Birthday Mom!”.

Her Brother Trent Sweeney Also Called Out

Sydney Sweeney’s brother Trent Sweeney can also be seen at their mom’s 60th birthday party. He is also an actor who has played in Norman, The Opium Eater, and The Playful Coach. 

People have also dragged her brother into the ongoing controversial debate. One user writes ” Kinda funny how Sydney Sweeney carefully curated her IG post so that none of the MAGA-inspired hats were seen”

And they call out her brother ” and then her dimwitted brother’s post blew it all up.”

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