Who Was Ricky Shiffer? Wikipedia Biography, Death Cause

Ricky Shiffer Wikipedia is currently unavailable. But, you can learn almost everything about him from this article. 

An armed man was shot dead after he attempted to breach the FBI’s field office in Cincinnati Ohio. Later he was identified as Ricky Shiffer by law enforcement officials.

Investigations have revealed that he was a Trump follower. After the recent raid on Trump’s mansion, he announced on his social media that he was ready for Combat.

Ricky Shiffer Wikipedia Explored

Ricky Shiffer, the 42-years old suspect in the shooting incident at Ohio FBI headquarters passed away after an exchange of gunfire with the officers. He was trying to breach the Visitor Screening Facility of the building.

Just Two days before the incident, he shared his plans to his followers on Truth Social about his attack on F.B.I. HQ. And He also said that if he isn’t online then the F.B.I has probably got to him.

Shiffer was a supporter of former United States President Donald Trump. After the F.B.I raided Trump’s mansion, he wanted a way to take some revenge.

Furthermore, a new source has revealed that the suspect was also present in the Jan. 6 Riot last year in Washington DC. Law officials said he was a rioter but wasn’t charged with any crimes back then.

Moreover, he appears to have defended Donald Trump more than once on his Truth Social account.

How Did The FBI Attacker Die? His Death Cause

FBI officials report that Ricky Shiffer attempted to breach the FBI Office at 9:15 in the morning. As soon some FBI agents spotted him and tried confronting him, he ran away.

Later he was spotted by a State Police Officer while he was fleeing into Interstate 71. He then started shooting at the officer as he tried pursuing him.

Shiffer managed to leave the interstate north of Cincinnati while police vehicles were still in pursuit. He then got out of his car and started exchanging fires during the standoff.

Shortly, he got shot and sustained injuries while no officers were hurt.

An Ohio State Highway Patrol spokesperson, Dennis at a press conference said that they had to shoot him after he raised a gun toward police officials. He also added that they failed the negotiation process.

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