Who Is the Wife of Lionel Messi? Introducing Antonela Roccuzzo

Quick Facts of Antonela Roccuzzo

  • Full NameAntonela Roccuzzo
  • GenderFemale
  • Birth Country
  • Star Sign
  • Ethnicity
  • Net Worth
  • Height1.57 m
  • Eye ColorDark Brown
  • Grandmother
  • Body Measurements
  • Relationship
  • Uncle
  • Pet
  • Married Date
  • Children
  • Father
  • Siblings
  • TV Shows
  • Birth Name
  • Date of Birth26 February 1988
  • Nationality
  • Profession
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Spouse
  • Marital Status
  • Weight127 lbs
  • Salary
  • Hair ColorBlack
  • Education
  • Movies
  • Grand Father
  • Marriage Location
  • Ex-Girlfriend
  • Aunt
  • Tattoos
  • School
  • Mother
  • Award
  • Award Nomination

Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo got married in 2017

Long distance couldn’t keep Lionel Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo apart.

Although Messi moved away from Argentina to train in his sport, the two reconnected over a tragedy and eventually fell in love.

Before marrying in 2017, the couple had two sons. Roccuzzo gave birth to their third son the following year.

“My wife, Antonela, has many wonderful qualities,” Messi once said to FC Barcelona. “I admire how she manages her daily life. She is always cheerful and approaches problems admirably. She is exceptionally bright and well-rounded in all aspects of life.”

Roccuzzo is also a big fan of Messi’s career. The model regularly cheers her husband during soccer matches, including on December 13, 2022, when she used Instagram to celebrate Messi and the Argentina national football team reaching the World Cup final. Roccuzzo and her three sons were in the stands just a few days later to watch Messi win the 2022 World Cup.

Everything you need to know about Lionel Messi’s wife, Antonela Roccuzzo.

She first met Messi when she was a child.

Antonela Roccuzzo and Messi at young age

Source: Antonela Roccuzzo’s Instagram

They met as children in their hometown of Rosario, Argentina. Messi moved to Spain as a teenager to pursue a Football career.

After a tragedy, she and Lionel reconnected.

Ursula Notz, Roccuzzo’s best friend, died in a car accident in 2005. According to Argentina’s Para Ti, after learning the news, Messi flew back to Argentina from Spain to console his future bride.

Roccuzzo paid tribute to her late friend in a series of Instagram Stories in 2019 to raise awareness about Rosario traffic accidents.

“Absences are felt in everyday situations, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and parties. Absences are upsetting “She communicated in Spanish. “When we realize that we will no longer listen to that voice that accompanied us, absences transform, allowing us to turn pain into action while knowing that we will never be the same. Absences lead us. Absences are painful, but they also relaunch us.”

She went to university in Argentina.

Roccuzzo with Messi

Roccuzzo attended university in Argentina, as per Vanity Fair España. She graduated from the National University of Rosario. She did it with a bachelor’s degree in humanities and social sciences. And she began postgraduate studies in dentistry. Roccuzzo reportedly dropped out in order to be closer to Messi.

Roccuzzo and Messi wed in 2017

Roccuzzo and Messi wed in 2017

Source: Roccuzzo’s Instagram

The wedding of the footballer and model was dubbed the “wedding of the century.” Messi’s teammates, as well as Shakira and her then-partner Gerard Piqué, were in attendance. On June 30, 2017, the couple married at a casino in their hometown.

She is a businesswoman as well as a model.

Antonela Roccuzzo

Source: Antonela Roccuzzo’s Instagram

Antonela announced in November 2016 that she had signed a modeling contract with designer Ricky Sarkany. According to Marca, Roccuzzo and her friend Sofia Balbi, the wife of soccer player Luis Suárez, opened the Barcelona boutique for the Argentine footwear brand Sarkany in 2017.

Antonela has also collaborated with a number of fitness brands and corporations, including Adidas and Stella McCartney.

She has a massive Instagram following

Roccuzzo with Messi

Source: Roccuzzo’s Instagram

Roccuzzo has over 28 million Instagram followers despite not having a Twitter or Facebook account. She frequently shares photos of her family and promotes her modeling career, fitness fashion lines, and shoe stores.

She and Messi have three children.

Roccuzzo's 3 children

Source: Roccuzzo’s Instagram

Thiago is the couple’s first child. He was born in 2012. Mateo is their second son. He was born in 2015. And Ciro is their third son, who was born in 2018.

She witnessed Messi win the FIFA World Cup in 2022.

Argentina defeated France in the World Cup final in December 2022. Following Messi’s victory, Roccuzzo, Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro — all dressed in matching #10 jerseys — joined him on the field for celebratory hugs and photos.

“I don’t even know where to begin,” Roccuzzo said on Instagram. “We are extremely proud of you, @leomessi. Thank you for teaching us never to give up, and to fight until the end. IT WAS FINALLY DONE, YOU ARE A WORLD CHAMPION, we know what you went through for so many years, what you wanted to achieve!!!”

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