Yogesh Magar The Voice of Nepal, Bio and Social Media

Yogesh Magar is one that is here to impress everyone with his voice in The Voice of Nepal 2022. This season has been more eventful and amazing with Magar in the show as a contestant.

You can find Yogesh singing the best songs in Nepal with his phenomenal voice which makes him one of the best contestants in the season. Also, he is always confident in singing songs in front of a mass. He has a lot of supporters who would do everything in their will if it means that Yogesh will get their support.

If you are a Yogesh Magar fan, you should definitely read till the last of this article.

Yogesh Magar The Voice of Nepal

Yogesh Magar has had an amazing journey in The Voice of Nepal. In fact, the young singer has already made it to the Top 12 contestants in the show. Team leader Pramod is the one who has been supervising the singer throughout his journey in the show.

Besides this, his first song in the audition round showed his true potential as a singer. Needless to say, the judges were thrilled by how good he was. He sang the song Sangai Bachauna. The singer has the skills of a rock star and the Nepalese audience has been recognizing this since the day he came to the stage of the show.

Many fans are rooting for the victory of Magar in this season of The Voice of Nepal Season 4.

Yogesh Magar Bio

Yogesh is not very open about his childhood and private life in the media. However, you can come up with the fact that he has always been interested in music and loved to sing since he was young. Besides this, Yogesh is also very close to his parents. Both his parents are extremely supportive of all that their son has achieved at such a young age.

Magar has always been a very happy-go-lucky person since he was a child. From the looks of it, you can also say that it had been quite easy for the singer to get along with his fellow contestants on the show. And, it really isn’t a strike of luck that he has gotten so far in the show. Likewise, it is also wise for you to expect a lot more songs and performances from Yogesh both in and out of the show.

Yogesh Magar Social Media

Magar has been active on his Instagram more than ever after he became a part of The Voice of Nepal. Fans and followers have been able to see his performance and upcoming projects from the accounts themselves.

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